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  • Prompt provision of the business jet offer, fast confirmation of the AC technical availability as well as prompt flight itinerary development based on the customer’s requirements
  • Air transportation for groups of 19 or more passengers with the possibility of AC overnight parking at the charter destination; large groups can be provided with several aircraft
  • Prompt and efficient delivery of art, valuables, tools and equipment, vehicles and any special-purpose cargo by aircraft
  • Medevac flights for patients from any country to the required hospital using specially equipped business jets or helicopters with availability of the medical staff on board
  • SKYPRO AVIATION offers helicopter transfers from professional operators. Helicopters are excellent for short flights or flights to hard-to-reach destinations

Organization of the charter flights to any location in the world according to the individual requirements of our customers. SKYPRO AVIATION CONSULTING can provide any type of the aircraft for private or corporate use that will be in full compliance with customer's needs and budget. Our experts will develop the flight itinerary and provide the ideal solution for flight, observing complete confidentiality and ensuring maximum safety during the flight. All advantages of modern aviation are available to our customers on 24/7 basis