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Currently SKYPRO GROUP includes several companies: SKYPRO AVIATION CONSULTING, SKYPRO GROUND SERVICES and SKYPRO HELICOPTERS. The newly formed companies provide services of aircraft sales, charter flights and aviation consulting (SKYPRO AVIATION CONSULTING), ground support services (SKYPRO GROUND SERVICES), as well as operation and maintenance of AgustaWestland AW139 helicopters and other models with maximum take-off mass of more than 3 tons (SKYPRO HELICOPTERS). Offices of the group are located in Moscow and Riga, the personnel amounts to 25 employees.

Today the helicopter segment became the focus of SKYPRO GROUP. A new partner in opening of a new maintenance station in Russia will be decided and announced in the near future. Nowadays SKYPRO HELICOPTERS provides services, related to helicopter operations, carried out on a non-commercial basis (general aviation – GA) and management of helicopters with the Russian registration (AC operator certificate number 08-15-116). SKYPRO HELICOPTERS is a full-scale aviation company, specializing in operation of foreign-made helicopters, mostly AgustaWestland. Professionalism and experience of employees who have completed training in foreign aviation centres, confirms with international and national standards in civil aviation. SKYPRO HELICOPTERS staff regularly improve their skills in certified training centres and cooperate with the representatives of the AgustaWestland representatives in Russia and Italy.